Scrap Mechanic – How to Find Mechanic or Workshop and Defend Attacking (Farm)

This guide of Scrap Mechanic will help you on how to find mechanic shop or workshop, how to defend the first attacking to your farm.

How to Find The Workshop/Mechanic Shop?

To find the workshop/mechanic shop just follow the dirt path (like you did to get the battery) until you see a parking lot. Then follow the street until you see a big wrench in the sky. Head there! Here you can get better crafting bots.

The battery which you need to power up the workshop/mechanic shop you can find next to the building in the room with the number 2 above it. Watch out there is a Haybot waiting for you!

Note: You can find this part at 21:36 and 23:05 in the video

How to Defend First Attacking to the Farm?

If you build your farm too big Farmbots will come and try to destroy it. You’ll get a warning saying “Unauthorized farming detected”

  • Build a wall/protection around your farm

You’ll see a countdown. Remember: 1h in Scrap Mechanic = 1 minute in real time. So if it says “10h” in game you’ll have 10 min until the attack.

There won’t be any visual / audio notification when the attack begins so be careful!
When the counter hits zero a few farmbots will spawn around your farm and walk towards you. If they can’t find you they will walk towards the farm and destroy it / try to destroy the walls around the farm. The better blocks you use the harder it is for the bots to break the wall.

By CocoaCoCi

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  1. como hago para reaparecer en cierto lugar,
    cada vez que muero a causa de un monstruo de scrap mechanic survival reaparesco en la nave que se encuentra en llamas
    no hay alguna forma de aparecer mas cerca de donde me encuentro?

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