Scrap Mechanic – How to Direct Vehicle (with Suspension) in Survival

A guide on how to direct vehicle (with suspensions) in Scrap Mechanic (Survival).

How to Direct Vehicle (with Suspension)


  • Suspensions (4)
  • Blocks
  • An engine
  • 6 bearings (2 for steering – 4 for the wheels)
  • A driver seat
  • Connect tool

How to Build?

  • Make a plate with blocks
  • Put the driver seat and the engine on blocks-plate
  • Put suspensions to 4 corners
  • Put blocks on suspensions
  • And place bearings to these blocks below (place on the front wheels for directing)
  • Now, place wheelings on these blocks with bearings
  • Use the connect tool to connect the driver seat with the horizontal (steering) bearings
  • It is done
  • Do not forget to connect engine with rear wheels

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