Scrap Mechanic – How to Build Boat (Hovercraft)

Is that possible to build boat or hovercraft in Scrap Mechanic? This guide will help and inspire you.

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  • Bubble Plastic Block
  • Bearing
  • Gas Container
  • Lift
  • Gas Engine
  • Seat
  • Connect tool
  • Gasoline
  • Big Weel
  • Thruster

How to Build Boat (Hovercraft)?

  • Build wings made of plastic blocks to balance the boat
    • Why did I choose Bubble Plastic Blocks? Because they are light and do not sink immediately.
  • Also, make the blocks high so that the boat doesn’t sink
    • Imagine as if you’re making a ship: the bottom is as long as the top
  • Cover the wings you make from the blocks
  • If your boat sinks, use the lift immediately
  • Put the rear wheels horizontally and adjust their direction
  • Put thruster in the boat. But I couldn’t direct the boat using the bearings (maybe you can do it)
  • I tried to steer the front section made of Bubble Plastic Blocks (using bearings), but I couldn’t be very successful as thrusters provided a lot of power (use your creativity :D)
  • Optional: If you have a respawn bed, place it on the boat immediately. You can respawn from your boat when you die


You need to find that box like barge:

And build like this for directing:

And then place barges to the down of boat:

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