ScourgeBringer – How to Kill Quickly Walkthrough

This guide (as a walkthrough) will show how to kill quickly in ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer.

How to Kill Quickly?

Little Tricks and Basics

  • When you see the yellow exclamation mark ( ! ) over an enemy’s head, use your heavy smash attack on them to stun them.
  • You can also move smaller enemies around and “flinch” them by smashing them while they don’t have an exclamation mark. This is much shorter than a stun but definitely has its uses. It’s not nearly as effective to “flinch” bigger enemies.
  • Use the map to your advantage. Enemies (and you) can’t shoot through platforms that you can jump through. Sometimes it’s best to break up the combat area into smaller sections to minimize damage taken.

Killing Quickly

You can melee and shoot at the same time. This is VITAL for dealing huge amounts of damage (especially to bosses).

The second skill you can unlock called “Ground Pound” is very useful. If you spam it, it will allow you to kill bosses and packs of enemies much quicker. While also pulling mini bosses down with you.

If combined with other attacks such as melee and using your blaster, you will deal with 4 attacks at once on a single target. You must know when to use this or when to save ammo for other things.

by Ocular

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