Scarlet Nexus – How to Fix Mini-Map Rotation

A guide on how to fix mini-map rotation in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Fix Mini-Map Rotation

Mini-map could not be useful to play Scarlet Nexus. I think mini-map creates big problems in the game. Especially the navigation makes me feel like going from one place to another with Google Maps 😀 More precisely, the mouse orientation and you on the mini-map indicator are not synchronized. This disrupts the fun of playing games that we are used to. Of course, first of all, these are the impressions it evokes in me. That’s why I felt the need to write this guide.

To fix mini-map rotation, press ESC and navigate: options/settings.

Then, set them like that:

  • Mini Map Display: On
  • Mini Map Rotation: On
  • Mini Map Display Size: Zoom Out

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