Sands of Salzaar – Tips and Tricks for Skills, Spells, and More

This guide shows tips and tricks for skills, spells, and more in Sands of Salzaar.

Tips and Tricks

First of all, this is a time-limited game. When it arrives in July, there will be a final battle. If you win, it will be considered as clearance, which is related to clearance rewards or inheritance. But even if you fail, you can continue to play and get more Many inheritance points. If it is the first time to play, it is likely to fail, but for more inheritance points, it is recommended to continue playing.

It is recommended to play Mind Wizard first. The reason is very simple. Put spells and run while playing. And there are a wide range of AOE skills in the later stage, which is still very cool.

The inheritance points are only 60 points at the beginning. It is recommended to buy 4 wisdom crystals (+ skill points) and 4 essence mystery medicines (+ spirit is the master of the wizard (Properties).

At the beginning, it is recommended to find idle monsters such as desert bandits or robbers. After reaching level 3, you can go to fight buildings and so on after the psychic bullet is strengthened.

Spell Learning Locations and Requirements


Red Shicheng Entry

Requirements: 500 Money

Advanced Pottery Town Southwest Settlement Upper Right of the Screen to Go Far A Request

Mysteries of Ancient Cave open up the Snowy Mountains, 5 basic tool for forging money 1200

Master Sand Wind Town

Requirements: Huge open Redstone Valley Lava cavity, 700 gold wind thunder

Entry Three Stone Fort

Requirement: 50 wood

Advanced Banyue Mountain

Requirement: Open the tree palace of the Black Cliff, 1500 yuan

Master Camel Ridge

Requirement: Open the huge animal bone cave in the Double Moon Valley (the appearance is called a beast) bone cave, only go after huge), 3500 money frost

Entry Setsurei Town

Requirement: 50 iron

Advanced That Old Card

Requirements: Snowy Mountains through the ice to get through five basic tool for forging iron 100

Master Ice Valley

Requirements: Open up the Snowy Mountains Stonehenge’s giant, 350 iron 20 jade master frost and wind and thunder requirements easy to play (2 people will be able to play), master of flame requirements of ultra-hard, we recommend that people get hold of 4 teams.

By Eternal Meow

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