Sands of Salzaar – Boss Locations (Monsters, Dragons, and More) on Map

These are boss locations (dragons, monsters, and more) on map of Sands of Salzaar.

Locations of Monsters, Dragons, and More on Map

After defeating boss, you can get units or equipment, and if you fail, you can’t challenge again.

Ice Dragon

Finding this spark in the snow will trigger the conversation:


Find the dark door, give it 200 food:


In the city to the right of the desert, it will play hide-and-seek with you and find it three times:

Knights of the Sun

Choose the second option and give him spear. Defeating the BOSS will give you an lv17 weapon.


Treeman appear at night. You need 5 fangs and 1 green flower. You can buy them from the cities on the map.

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