Ruinarch – Spell, Tabs, Builds Guide

This guide will help you on spell, tabs, builds, afflictions in Ruinarch.

Gameplay Tips

In Ruinarch, you are a powerful demon overlord bent on invading worlds. You cannot manifest yourself in mortal realms yet so you must exert your influence through various spells and minions.

Though the game’s end goal is to wipe out the villagers, it would be more fun if you approach your invasion in a more creative manner.

This tutorial gives you a variety of spells and abilities from the three different Archetypes to snow you your options

Mood Tab

The Mood tab provides you with an overview of the Villager’s current state of mind A Villager’s Mood is primarily affected by Statuses The lower a Villager’s Mood is. the less cooperative it is with others, and may even eventually run amok!

A Villager also has several Needs that apply various Statuses depending on how high or low they are.

Relations Tab

The Relations tab shows a x Villager’s relationship with its neighbors A X. Villager will not cooperate with its enemies, so one subtle way of reducing a Villages power is by having its residents dislike each other.

Log Tab

The Log tab provides you with a timestamped list of what a 2 Villager has done.


Afflictions are Flaws that you may apply to a Villager that will affect their behavior Afflictions do not have any Mana Cost but they have a limited number of Charges Once you’ve exhausted its Charges, there is a long cooldown before it is replenished.

There are a vast number of different types of Afflictions you may experiment with You can turn someone into a Psychopath or a Vampire, or you can afflict one with a Zombie Virus.

  • Kleptomania
  • Vampirism
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Zombie Virus

Trigger Flaw

Trigger Flaw is a special ability that allows you to force a 1 Villager to perform actions related to one of their Flaws Not all Flaws have associated Trigger Flaw effects but most do.



This Structure allows the player to brainwash £ Villagers into Cultists. These demonic Cultists can then be manipulated to perform certain helpful actions for you.


This Structure allows the player to breed wild monsters. These corrupted versions will have a different behavior from their wild counterpart. You can check a wild monster’s expected Kennel-bred behavior from its Info Tab.


This Structure notifies the player of important events that occur within its region. Some of these events can then be stored as an Intel that can be shared to 1 Villagers.


These are powerful magic that you may cast on a tile or an area of the map. Spells do not have any Mana Cost but they have a limited number of / Charges. All Spells also have a short T Cooldown.

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