Rogue Tower – Guide to Armor, Shield, Fortification, and D.O.T

This is guide to armor, shield, fortification, and D.O.T in Rogue Tower.


Health Armor and Shield

Enemies’ hit points come in the form of health armor and shield. An enemies shield must be depleted before they take damage to their armor and their armor must be depleted before they take damage to their health. Towers deal different amounts of damage to each type of hit point and every enemy has different amounts of each, so plan accordingly. Each block of the health bar represents 100 hitpoints for early enemies, 1,000 hitpoints for enemies level 16* and 10,000 hitpoints for all bosses.

Fortification Haste and Slow

Enemies can fortify and haste themselves and their allies and your towers can slow them. Hasted and slowed enemies move faster or slower depending on how hasted or slowed they are. Fortified enemies take -5 base damage for as long as they are fortified.


The D.O.T. icons display if an enemy is bleeding burning or poisoned. It also displays how much bleed burn or poison damage they have accrued. This value is the amount of damage they will take slowly over time. However, enemies only take full damage over time against the right type of hit points. Bleed is effeective against health, burn is effective against armor and poison is effective against shields. Enemies take half damage from D.O.T.s against the wrong hit point.

Enemies who are bleeding / burning /poisoned also take an additional +1 health / armor / poison damage respectively.

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