Risk of Rain 2 (Update 1.0) – What is Added

This guide shows what is added newly to Risk of Rain 2 (Update 1.0).

What is Added Newly to Risk of Rain 2 (Update 1.0)?

The Main

Added System : Game End The
game now includes a correct ending, with credits and a scene.

Added System : Server Browser
Added a new game search system now all shown servers will be displayed in a special browser.

Added System : Introductory Cinematic
The game now includes an intro cinematic!

Added New Skin Survivor
New Skin for Survivor Captain

Added New Location
New Final Stage: ???

Added 4 New Music Tracks
New Tracks: Through a Cloud, Darkly
New Tracks: … con lentitud poderosa
New Tracks :You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Ukulele
New tracks: Lacrimosum

Added Survivor
New Survivor: Captain

Added 2 New
Monsters New Monster: ???
New Monster: ???

Added New Boss
New Final Boss: ???

Added New Interactive Table
New object: Scrapper

Added 7 items and 3 equipment to the game
New Item: Scrap Items (White, Green, Red, Yellow)
New Boss Item: Molten Puncher
New Boss Item: Shatter
New Boss Item: Sank Urn
New Lunar Item :Summoning Hollow
New Lunar Item: Mercury Rachis
New Lunar Item: Purity
New Equipment: Super Massive Leech
New Equipment: Opus Goraga
New Equipment: Forgive Me, Please

Added 3 character summons
New Captain Challenges: Captain Mastery
New Captain Challenges: Wanderlust
New Captain’s Challenges: Worth Every Penny

Added 3 Challenges to the game
New Challenges: I Love To Die!
New Challenges: Removed
New Challenges: Tranquility

New Log

New Entry: Molten Puncher
New Entry: Shatterspleen
New Entry: Burnt Urn
New Entry: Super Massive Leech
New Entry: Gorag opus
New Entry: Forgive Me Please
New Entry: Personal Catalyst
New Entry: Bandolier
New Entry: On Crowdfunder Site
New Entry: Old Guillotine
New Entry: Jade Elephant
New Entry: Soul Explosion
New Entry: Lepton Daisy
New Entry: Destroying Justice
New Entry: Topaz Brooch
New Entry: Eye Hood
New Entry: Unstable Tesla Coil
New Entry: Milky Pupae
New Entry: Will-o’the-wisp
New Entry: Gnarled Wood Sand
New Entry: Kingfisher Seed
New Entry: Purity
New Entry: Glowing Meteorite
New Entry: Preon
New Entry: Aegis
New Entry: Clay Dunestrider
New Entry: Alloy Vulture
New Entry: Imp
New Entry: Void Reaver
New Entry: ???
New Entry: ???
New Entry:???
New Entry: ???
New Entry: Huntress
New Entry: Captain
New Entry: MUL-T

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