Risk of Rain 2 (Update 1.0) – How to Get to All Bosses

A guide on how to get to the all bosses in Risk of Rain 2 (Update 1.0).

How to Get to All Bosses

To get to the Planet or the Moon, you need to rotate the metal teeth. Now I’ll show you how they look in different states.

It’s on the Planets

It’s on the moon to the Boss

You need to get to the location “Heavenly Field” this is the fifth stage! Further you are looking for a teleport, but there are blue particles near it. And we also continue to charge the portal, but you will be teleported into the room.

Second Phase

We go and go through the protection of which robots are considered. I advise you to take objects for speed and jumping.

The End

We reach the jam pad and he throws you into the arena where there is a portal from which the boss will exit. That’s it).

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