Risk of Rain 2 – How to Automate Fire (No More Hurting Fingers!)

A guide on how to automate primary fire in Risk of Rain 2. Are your fingers hurting from playing this game for few hours but you still wanna play more? Well worry not, we can automate the primary fire. No More Hurting Fingers!

How to Fire Automatically


Download and Install AutoHotKey, it’s popular opensource software that we can use to give key inputs.

The installation process is very simple, go with the default way and once done close it.

Creating the Script

Right click on your desktop, goto New and select AutoHotKey script.

Right click on the newly created script and select edit script and paste the following code
This script also will only work on Risk of Rain 2, so no worries.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Risk of Rain 2.exe 
Toggle = 0 
F:: Toggle = !Toggle 
If Toggle 
        Click, Down 
    Click, Up 

Using the Script

To use the script you need to first start Risk of Rain 2 from Steam.

Then right click on our script and click “Run Script” and the script will start running in the background

Our script is toggle based, so it’s running in the background but not doing anything because the toggle is OFF

To activate the toggle press your F key
To deactivate the toggle press your Mouse left click or M1.

So when you have to fire press F and when you want to sprint press your mouse, it might take a little time to get used to it,

You can also do some modification to the script to make it work without toggle but toggle is really helpful because you gotta sprint a lot of times.

By ue Rui

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