Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts – How to Get Zero Sum and Unlock Merc Skill

This guide helps you on how to get engineer: Zero Sum and how to unlock Merc Skill (why is so hard to unlock?) in Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts.

How to Get Engineer: Zero Sum?

  • Step 1: Make sure you’re on Titanic Plains. If you get Distant Roost, you might as well reset, because the birds that are flying off in the distance (seem to) count as enemies, but you can’t kill them because they’re too far away.
  • Step 2: Pray that the boss is Stone Titan. Reset if it’s Vagrant or Beetle Queen.
  • Step 3: Charge tele to 99%. Do not kill the Titan before it hits 99%.
  • Step 4: Kill all enemies. Make sure to search the entire map for any stragglers and kill them if there are any. Walk around the whole map a dozen times if you need to, even one enemy will invalidate the challenge.
  • Step 5: Kill the Titan. The teleporter should finish charging, and you should get it.

by KoriXilixion

How to Unlock Merc Skill?

Monster spawns will always be the same at the same time. Money income is therefor predictable

Priorize wisps over everything else. Easy shield and if you don’t have shield they are an easy way to lose

Plan your route carefully. Prioritize Topas and aoe items to get rid of larger groups without heading into danger. (ukulele, 1 or 2 gasoline)

If there is a decent equipment that can help you out a lot.

Don’t waste too much time. Go from one crystal to another. Pick the crystals near essential items. While getting closer to the teleporter.

Abuse I frames and stuns but don’t spam abilities just because they are of cool down.

I hope I could help you. The reward isn’t worth it but I was just completing it for the sake of having it complete too. Stay determined and be on a lookout for a good prismatic trial.

by GosuCab

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