Risk of Rain 2 (1.0) – How to Skip Intro Permanently

A guide on how to skip intro permanently in Risk of Rain 2 (1.0).

How to Skip Intro Permanently

Step 1: Find the game’s installation folder

First, find where your Risk of Rain 2 folder is. If you know where it is, skip the rest of this step.

If you don’t know where the game is located on your drive, go to your Steam library, right click Risk of Rain 2 -> ‘Properties’ -> ‘Local Files’ tab, and then find ‘Browse Local Files.’ Click that, it’ll take you straight to the folder that the game is installed in.

Step 2: The Rest

Now you’ll want to create a new file under this directory:

  • <game location>/Risk of Rain 2_Data/Config/and call it autoexec.cfg. This is case-sensitive. Make sure the file ends in .cfg and not .txt.

In the autoexec.cfg, add a single line:

  • intro_skip 1;Save the file and launch the game.

You are finished! If you did all of this right, the intro shouldn’t play at all.

by Chev

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