RimWorld (DLC: Royalty) – How to Run Mods (1.1 Update)

Mods work fine in RimWorld [DLC]: Royalty (1.1. update)? Do mods run fine with 1.1 without DLC? This guide will help you with answering those questions.

How to Run Mods?

Mods Works Fine in 1.1. Update?

It should run beside mods just fine. But mods need to be updated.

Mods Run Fine with 1.1 without DLC?

Mods run fine without the DLC. As I have done non-expansion and expansion runs. Some mods do need to be updated to be more compatible though – But if they are correctly done, they should run both versions of the game fine – so no different versions needed.

I’ve tried some mods in 1.1 version without DLC, they worked well. But once my DLC is added, my mods with the content of adding new factions don’t work. All are shown on the map is the original factions.

I expect almost all mods to not depend on Royalty, it’s really up to the mod authors though.

The same mod can run with/without Royalty.

For example, Faction Discovery Mod allows running the mod in 1.1 version?

Faction Discovery Mod

Faction Discovery runs in:

  • Old\Faction Discovery 1.0.1.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.19.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.18b.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.17a.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.16a.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.15b.
  • Old\Faction Discovery 0.15a.
  • Faction Discovery 1.0.3

It usually fixes most faction related mod stuff I have, not sure about the DLC (Royalty) version though.

Attention: The game updated to 1.1. This means Faction Discovery will stop working until it is updated. You can force RimWorld to stay at version 1.0 in the Steam properties menu for RimWorld (beta tab) to keep playing!

1.1 Update

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