Resident Evil Village – Moro Guide (How to Defeat and Solve Puzzles)

A guide on Moro (how to defeat and solve puzzles) in Resident Evil Village.

Moro Guide

Get rid of the mucus with a few shots of your weapon and climb over the fence using the ladder. Enter the mill building, find a photo of a rare animal and go down to the elevator.

Run along the only path. Take the flask and run back to the exit. Open the map and look around. You need to get to the northern part of the cave and find the key to the boat. Leave the cave and use the boat to get to the flooded houses. After the cut-scene with Chris Redfield, go up to the pumping station building. Here you will find the passage to the mills. Go down to the flooded houses. Beware of the huge fish as you walk from one house to the next. Push the first cart into the water and use the lever.

Solve the levers puzzle. Each of the levers has a different color. When the lever is activated, the corresponding platform rises out of the water. To get to the destroyed house with three levers, activate the blue lever, stand on the platform and activate the red lever.

In the house you will find three levers: blue, red and yellow. You need to activate them in the correct sequence:

  • Red lever.
  • Blue lever.
  • Yellow lever.

Launch the second cart and find a lever with which you can understand the flooded ship. Climb the stairs to the mill building, take the handle and use it on the mechanism. Use the steel cable to move to the opposite mill to use the handle on the second gear. Return to the station, restore the combination to the panel and open the airlock. Correct combination:

  • Blue, white, red.
  • White, red, black.
  • Red, blue, blue.

How to Beat Moro

You opened the airlock and pumped water out of the flooded village. Now you can go down and search the buildings, as well as fight Moro. In one of the houses, you can find an upgrade for the M1911 pistol “Big magazine”.

The battle with Moro will take place in a small location between the houses. During the battle, use explosive barrels and inflict damage on Moro until he climbs onto the rooftops. At this point, find any cover, as the monster will start attacking with poisonous slime. Repeat until Moro dies. Find the part of the key in the cave and combine it with the key of the four-winged embryo.

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