Resident Evil Village – House Beneviento Guide (Keys, Secrets, Puzzles, and More)

This shows explains House Beneviento (keys, secrets, puzzles, and more) in Resident Evil Village.

House Beneviento Guide

Walkthrough the garden to Beneviento’s grave and read the note at the door that says “Give back your memories.” Interact with the letter opening and use a family photo. Enter Beneviento’s house and find the elevator. Go down to the basement. Walk down the corridor to the only unlocked room and pick up the flask. Ethan will lose all weapons, and a female body made of wood will appear on the table in front of you. Examine it and find a ring covered in blood, as well as a silver key on the shoulder of the right hand. Examine the left leg and take the WIND-UP KEY.

Use the silver key to open the door to the laboratory and go to the sink. Wash the blood from the ring to find the code for the lock: “052911”. Open the door and find the door to the warehouse. You will find the box here. Insert the winding key into it and place the drums as shown in the picture. You will receive the TWEEZERS. Return to the wooden dummy and use the tweezers to pull the film out of your mouth. There is a door to the office next to the elevator, where you need to use the resulting film. To watch the video, place the tape in the following order:

  • Film with a toy.
  • Plushka with a book.
  • Film with Rose.
  • Music box tape.
  • Film with a wedding ring.

A secret passage will open where you will find scissors. With their help, we cut the fabric on the mannequin and get a copper medallion. At the same moment, the passage to the left of the double door will become available. Go to the door with two medallions and insert the third. Make a combination of two medallions, as shown in the image below. Go down the well and pick up the key from the switchboard. Use it on the dashboard at the elevator and take the bas-relief with the child. The bas-relief needs to be inserted into the door next to the laboratory. Do this and go through the kitchen to the bedroom. Take the fuse and run back. At this moment a monster will attack you. Return to the bedroom, hide under the bed and wait for him to go around you. Insert the fuse into the electrical panel, get into the elevator and go up to the first floor.

Watch the video from Beneviento, which invites you to play hide and seek. You need to find the doll several times. Correct sequence:

  • In a room on the second floor, next to the bed.
  • At the table in the living room.
  • To the left of the entrance, next to the door to the closet.

You will then receive a part of the key. You can leave the Beneviento house and look around the garden in front of the mansion. Find the W870 TAC gun in one of the houses. There is a tree next to this building with a box underneath. In it you will find a ball with the sun and the moon. This ball must be used in the adjacent building to solve the maze puzzle to obtain the Onyx Skull treasure. In the same building, find the key of the violin maker, whose house is located in the old city. In the toilet behind the house, look for a photograph of a strange bird. Examine the well and find a piece of the Medellin (head) treasure.

Return to the old town. If you find the key of the violin maker, you can explore his house and find the treasure “Steel Hrösvelg”, as well as the weapon upgrade “Large magazine (rifle F2)”. To open the locked cabinet, use the password: “270917”. Open the door with the four-winged creature and the embryo, which is located next to the Duke’s shop. A monster will attack you. Kill him and open the locked grate with a mark. Pick up the GM 79 grenade launcher and HE shells here. Follow the stream and find the passage to the reservoir.

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