Resident Evil Village – Drawbridge Quest Walkthrough (Hidden Treasures, Secrets

This helps you on Drawbridge Quest Walkthrough (hidden treasures, secrets, and more) in Resident Evil Village.

Drawbridge Quest Walkthrough

This part of the passage does not affect the plot, but it can bring you good bonuses. Returning to the Duke’s square, run towards the mountain stream and stop at the stone bridge. Go down under the bridge, use the lever and lower the raised wooden bridge. You will open a passage to a motor boat, with which you can move up and down the river. Drive up the river and stop at a similar sliding bridge. Here you will find the entrance to the crypt. You need to solve the torch puzzle. Use the hanging torch and light the two nearby torches. When monsters start to appear, make one of the monsters go to the hanging torch and ignite. Lure him to the torch in the next room to get a valuable item “Golden Lady Statue”, as well as cartridges for the revolver.

Leave the crypt. Use the lever on the raised wooden bridge. Use the wheel on the well behind the house and go down into the cave. Here you need to solve a puzzle. Climb up the boxes and push the cart aside. Raise the leftmost platform on which the second cart is and fold it down so that the cart is on the center platform. Pick up the rightmost platform (the platform by the iron door) and climb into the room. Take away valuable items and cartridges, after which you can return to the boat. Go down the river and find a small lake next to the cave. The lake is home to excellent fish, and in the cave you will find a large amount of ammunition, the valuable Ancient Coin item, and an upgrade for the Handguard (W870 TAC) shotgun.

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