Resident Evil Village – All Locations of “Goat of Warding”

This shows all locations of Goat of Warding” in Resident Evil Village.

All Locations of “Goat of Warding”

On the roof of the church
In the small shrine.
On the wall – accessible via the Fallow Plot.
On the rocky hillside beside the vineyard.
At the back of the graveyard between a crypt and the wall.
In the basement (B1) – in the room where you climb down the ladder.
Behind the ladder hole.
Head down the steps and under the bridge into the small chamber to access.
On top of the small wood shed.
On a small bridge crossing the chasm. Can be shot from the suspension bridge on the way back from House Beneviento.
In a shrine under the mill – accessible via the river.
At the very bottom of the stairs (level B1)
Outside House Beneviento, through the fance.
Outside the windmill – by a stack of logs
On a pole sticking out of the water beside the wrecked windmill. Can be seen from the central reservoir area where the bridge switches are.
Among the rubble outside the windmill (after draining the reservoir)

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