Resident Evil 4 – How to Use Cheat Codes: Complete Guide

Want to know how to use cheat codes with trainer in Resident Evil 4? Our comprehensive guide explains all cheat options, how to install REFramework, and more. Learn how to activate god mode, infinite health, and other cheats with ease.

Resident Evil 4 Cheat Guide: The Ultimate Trainer for PC

Introduction: Resident Evil 4 is a popular survival horror game that was released back in 2005. It has since been remastered and re-released on different platforms, including PC. And just like any other game, Resident Evil 4 has its fair share of challenges. Fortunately, there is a trainer that can help you overcome some of these obstacles. In this blog post, we will discuss the Resident Evil 4 trainer and its different cheat options.

What is the Resident Evil 4 Trainer

The Resident Evil 4 trainer is a third-party software that allows you to modify the game’s code to gain an advantage. It is specifically designed to bypass the game’s anti-cheat protection and provide you with cheat options that can make the game easier or more fun to play. The trainer comes with a list of cheat options that can be activated using specific key combinations.

List of Cheat Options

The Resident Evil 4 trainer comes with a wide range of cheat options that can help you overcome the game’s obstacles. Below is a list of the cheat options and their corresponding key combinations:

God Mode/Ignore Hits: Num 1 Infinite Health: Num 2 Edit Max Health: Num 3 Infinite Armor: Num 4 Infinite Items: Num 5 Infinite Ammo: Num 6 No Reload: Num 7 Infinite Knife Durability: Num 8 Set Game Speed: Num 9 Set Player Movement Speed: Num 0 Set AI Movement Speed: Num . Easy Kills: Num + Damage Multiplier: PageUp Defense Multiplier: PageDown

Edit Pesetas: Ctrl+Num 1 Pesetas Multiplier: Ctrl+Num 2 Edit Spinels: Ctrl+Num 3 Edit Exclusive Upgrade Tickets: Ctrl+Num 4 Edit CP: Ctrl+Num 5 Unlock All Extra Content Shop Items: Ctrl+Num 6 Easy Crafting: Ctrl+Num 7

No Recoil: Alt+Num 1 Super Accuracy: Alt+Num 2 Change FOV: Alt+Num 3 Max Shooting Range Score: Alt+Num 4 Edit Gold Tokens: Alt+Num 5 Edit Silver Tokens: Alt+Num 6 Reset Save Count: Alt+Num 7 Freeze Play Time: Alt+Num 8 Adjust Play Time (+/- Minutes): Alt+Num 9

Mercenary Mode: Freeze Timer: F1 Mercenary Mode: Freeze Combo Timer: F2 Mercenary Mode: Max Mayhem Gauge: F3 Mercenary Mode: Infinite Mayhem Duration: F4 Mercenary Mode: Max Score: F5 Mercenary Mode: Score Multiplier: F6

Special Notes: The Resident Evil 4 trainer uses REFramework by praydog to bypass anti-cheat protection. Therefore, you must follow these instructions to install REFramework:

  1. Copy “dinput8.dll” to your game’s main folder (where you can find re4.exe).
  2. Start the game.

Conclusion: The Resident Evil 4 trainer provides players with a range of cheat options that can help them overcome the game’s challenges and make the game more enjoyable. With this guide, you can now activate the cheat options and enjoy playing Resident Evil 4 without worrying about the obstacles. However, remember that cheating takes away the fun of the game, and it is best to use the cheat options sparingly.


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