RESIDENT EVIL 3 (Remake) – Complete Key Items (How to Obtain)

This guide will show complete key items (how to obtain them in RESIDENT EVIL 3:Remake).

Complete Key Items

How to Obtain?

Key items are needed to advance the story and gain access to certain collectibles.

  • Intricate Box – Red Stone:

City Center – Donut Shop | On the kitchen.

  • Fire hose:

Metro Office | On the floor in the hallway.

  • Bolt cutter:

City Center – Car Service | In the tool cabinet.

  • Case – Lock Pick:

Subway Substation | In the alley, in the hands of a corpse.

  • Intricate Box – Green Stone:

City Center | After receiving the master key, in the toy store.

  • Intricate Box – Blue Stone:

City Center | Opposite the toy store, in a locked supermarket.

  • Battery:

Sewerage – Laboratory | On the table opposite the entrance.

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