Remnant From The Ashes – Barbed Terror, Scald and Sear, Shroud Boss Fights (How to Kill)

How to kill (useful tips and tactics) bosses (Barbed Terror, Scald and Sear, Evil Tree) in Remnant: From The Ashes (Swamps of Corsus DLC).

Barbed Terror (How to Kill)

  • Avoid Barbed Terror’s sharp arms.
  • Avoid sharp things on the left side.
  • Avoid the sharp things Barbed Terror throws.
  • Aim at target (head).


  • +550 experience
  • +1 Trait Points

Scald and Sear (How to Kill)

Sear’s attacks are weaker than Scald. Therefore, firstly focus on Sear to kill.

Sear (left) and Scald (right):

If you pull Sear in a covered area, you can damage further it.


  • Zephyr’s Conduit

Bonus: Looting area.

Shroud (How to Kill)

You need to fight with evils which are more annoying than Shroud in the sewer. Shroud suddenly appearing can harm you so you need to be dynamic. Run forest run but not a specific point 😀

Aim at Shroud’s head when you attack it. If you wander on the lower floors of sewer, you can encounter with Shroud less. So walk or run at the upstairs and focus on Shroud’s scream to find it.

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