Relicta – How to Locate All Collectibles and Puzzles

A guide on how to locate all collectibles and puzzles in Relicta.

How to Locate All Collectibles and Puzzles

There are 30 collectible in Relicta. Each of them could be found at base areas, none of them found at puzzle areas. You can backtrack to get these collectibles until you stat the last puzzle area, which is the tropical jungle. Collectibles listed in chronological order in this guide, with some additional information.

1: First is a PDA and should be on the middle of your way as it is also the part of the tutorial, the game warns about it and it also mentions you need to push button I. Timestamp on video 1: 11:15

2: Inside your room after talking with your daughter and your boss via your computer. It is a picture on the desk. Timestamp on video 1: 16:08

3: PDA “Propaganda – Opporutnines out of this world”. When leaving your room and living quarter area head to the other living quarter area, it is inside of a room and then inside of a cabinet. Timestamp on video 1: 16:35

4: PDA “News – A brief chronology of the Orbital Era”. Inside the main area of the dome complex, on a desk. Timestamp on video 1: 17:19

5: PDA “” Can be found while heading to the Shoemaker Taiga, after leaving the Maglev it is on a bench. Timestamps on video 1: 20:55

6: Artifact – Coffee Mug. Inside of a room while heading to Shoemaker Taiga. Timestamps on video 1: 21:13

7: Artifact – Patels Picture. Inside Assembly Room, after Taiga while heading to Shoemaker Caves Elevator. Timestamp on the video: 37:42

8: PDA – “Diary Logs – Angie’s Logbook”. At Maglev station on a bench while heading tho Shoemaker Caves elevator. Timestamps on video 1: 38:18

9: PDA – “Emails – Ethical Concerns” On a bench after leaving Shoemaker Caves before the Maglev Station. Timestamps on video 1: 1:07:10

10: PDA – “Emails – The Thing in Ibn Bajk” while heading to the De Gauche crater Cliffs after Relicta Lockdown event. Need to take stairs down to laboratory. Timestamps on video 1: 1:16:18

11: Artifact – “Relicta Fragment”, same room as 10th collectible (The Thing in Ibn Bajk). Timestamp on video 1: 1:16:29

12: Artifact – “Kwarizmis picture” after De Gerlache Cliffs, after leaving elevator go straight, down stairs to the laboratory. Timestamps on video 1: 1:36:00

13: PDA – After Kwazimis Picture head back and inside a glass corridor it is on a green box, slighlty missable because of the orange box covering it from the angle you coming. Timestamps on the video: 1:36:29

14: PDA – “Documents – Chandra Expedition Hearing Transcript” Just once you arrived to Fauistini, not far from the maglev station. Timestamp on the video 1: 1:40:02

15: Artifact ” Sassanid Order 2nd cl.” not much after previous collectible there will be a corridor and stairs to your left, go down to that laboratory, collectible is there. Timestamps on the video: 1:40:26

16: PDA “News – Chandra Expedition to reopen moon base” At Faustini arid canyon maglev station, after the Faustini Arid Canyon Puzzles. Timestamps on video 1: 2:05:50

17: PDA “Diary Logs – Kwarizmi Private” While heading to tropical beach puzzles in Svendrup Crater dome, inside of laboratory room. Timestamps on video 1: 2:09:55

18: Artifact “Hardcover Book”. Inside equipment room which is right next to the room with previous collectible. Timestamp on video 1: 2:10:14

19: PDA “Propaganda – Ragnar Nquyen’s acceptance speech” Right after previous 2 collectible, in next room. Timestamps on video: 2:10:45

20: PDA “Let the red moon Rise!” Svedcrup crater dome, after Tropical Beach puzzles. Timestamp on the video 1: 2:40:18

21: Artifact “Maglev” After previous collectible, downstairs, under the stairs. Timestamp on video 1: 2:40:35

22: PDA “Diary – Laia’s Dirty Secret” While heading to Shoemaker Glacier puzzle area, inside “test Area” room. Timestamps on the video 1: 2:43:55

23: Inside of a Laboratories room, while heading to Shoemaker Glacier puzzle area, right before the elevator. Timestamp on video 1: 2:44:45

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