Red Dead Redemption 2 (Cracked) – How to Launch Without Any Problems

A guide on how to launch Red Dead Redemption 2 (Cracked) without any problems.

How to Launch without Any Problems

  • 1. You need have “DAEMON tools lite” and “μTorrent”
  • 2. Download torrent wit “μTorrent” it will automatically put the torrent into “DAEMON” file, download “Crackfix.V2-EMPRESS+Mr_Goldberg” from here above tehre are links for crack
  • 3.Turn off “antivirus” and “internet conection” (I did it that way)
  • 4. Go to download files where is your torrent downladed, double click on blue “DEAMON” emp-rdr2 file it will mount it, create folder “Game” in your “local disc C” (or local disc which you are using) click on setup.exe and install the game in to the folder “Game” ! It’s important because the game should not be installed in folders where the “Windows” is installed
  • 4. Unpack the “Crackfix.V2-EMPRESS+Mr_Goldberg” and all files inside the “Crackfix-V2” copy in to the game folder “Red Dead Redemption 2” overwrite all files which is asking for overwrite
  • 5. Go to game folder “Red Dead Redemption 2” and right click on “Launcher” and launch the game as administrator

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