Raft (The Second Chapter) – How to Unlock Tangaroa Tower Code

A guide on how to unlock tangaroa tower code in Raft (The Second Chapter).

How to Unlock Tangaroa Tower Code


Open your journal to the last page to find a white piece of paper with 4 images and street names on it.

I’ll assume you’ve reached the 3rd floor tower and found the Keypad, so

  • Open your journal (Press T)
  • Go to Last Page:

This shows you the street names and images of stores that are on that street.

On the piece of paper the last number on the code is on Partisan Road at a store with a life saver.

On the page is a paper showing the words, underscores, and 4 images.

In the first column is the street name, the second is the code for the tower, and the third column is the building icon image, then to get the code, you have to go to the path listed in the first column, then look for the building that has the same icon in the third column, and the code is on the building Number.

Then the format to find the code is [Street Name]_[Building Number]_[Building Icon]

Tranquil ST

Exterio Lane

Bazaar ST

Partisan Road

After you do this and find all the codes, go to the top of the tower and enter your code into the panel.

Code is: 4813

Hidden Place

Location Last Note And Blueprint Water Tank

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