Raft – How to Get to Relay Station 4 and a Lightbulb at the Balboa? – Tips

Home for the wild bears, this island will easily be the biggest island we have created so far. Apart from being a lot bigger, this one will have a unique environment and look. We have been working on birch trees, pine trees, rocks, new sorts of vegetation and much more to bring this concept to life. And to keep a memory from this place, you will be able to plant birch and pine trees on your raft!

Besides having this particular look, Balboa Island will also guide the player further in the story. This will not be as easy as one might think, however. We have planted some puzzles and obstacles on this island and the bears who inhabit Balboa are looking forward to your arrival!

How to Get to Relay Station 4?

There is a bridge but can’t get across.

Have to Do This:

Shoot the mechanics with a bow or, if not, there are ricks lying around.

And stand back.

That is!!!

To Get a Lightbulb at Balboa?

You need to get to this “feeder” where you put the berries for the Momma bear. Then you need to go past the cave (where you find the case with a machete) and turn left uphill – there is a signpost. After a couple of steps you will find a note on the ground, then another one and on top, there will be some strange figures/dummies and some notes and the lightbulb.

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