Raft – How to Find Secret Achievements in Tangaroa

A guide on how to find secret achievements in Tangaroa (Raft).

How to Find Secret Achievements

he “You should not be here” achievement you get by pressing a button in the top left corner of the elevator that you get to the surface.

Artist collection” achievement you get by digging and placing the painting on your raft, not the tagaroo ones.

Former Glory” achievement you get by digging up all the tiki peaces and placing them on top another in the right order on your raft.

Boxed in!” achievement you get in the storage room were your move the containers to get to the other side, the secret room you get the achievement in is under the place where you control the arm.

You get the “Boxed in” achievement in the Tangaroa moving box room when the place floods you can see above the boxes and can see the room, you need to move the boxes in a way you can get to it(it is under the control room), also you’re right about the elevator to get to the secret room, but i still don’t know how to get to the floor

Instrumentalist!” achievement you play playing the piano you buy.

by Time Bisvit

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