Quake – How to Fix Screen Freeze (When Screenshot)

A guide on how to fix screen freeze (when screenshot) in Quake.

How to Fix Screen Freeze (When Screenshot)

When you press F12, the game freezes for a short time. If it annoys, this guide tells how to get rid of it.

Why It Happens?

The game engine has an F12 button bound to make a screenshot and store them in own save location folder. At the same time, Steam uses the F12 button for screenshots by default too.

Each time the game takes a shot, it freezes for a brief time for reasons. Steam doesn’t freeze as its overlay component works in a separate thread, not interfering with games.

How to Fix

  1. Open game console by pressing ~ button
  2. Type in: unbind F12 screenshot
  3. Close console.

Do note that binds and unbinds behave differently in the new engines compared to the older ones and forks. Instead of overriding the full set of commands assigned to buttons, these commands now add and remove actions.


Should not cause lags and break immersion anymore each time you make shots.

by xdshot

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