Pummel Party – Mini-Games List Guide

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna show you the newly updated Pummel Party is eye-catching. This guide will show on mini-games list on the game. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Pummel Party

Pummel Party is a 4-8 player online and local-multiplayer party game. Pummel friends or AI using a wide array of absurd items in the board mode and compete to destroy friendships in the entertaining collection of minigames.

There can only be one winner here, and you know it has to be you! Battle through hazardous terrain to acquire an arsenal of weapons and items and employ them however you can to make sure that you reign victorious over your friends.

Play how you want. Pummel Party allows 1 to 8 players to compete for both online or locally on the same screen. Whether its online, or in person, it’s all the same friendship ruining the fun.

Mini-Games List

  • Acidic Atoll
  • Altitude Attack
  • Animal Arithmetic
  • Barn Brawl
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Breaking Blocks
  • Bullet Barrage
  • Cannon Circle
  • Crown Capture
  • Daring Dogfight
  • Elemental Escalation
  • Explosive Exchange
  • Gift Grab
  • Grifting Gifts
  • Laser Leap
  • Magma & Mages
  • Miniature Motors
  • Morphing Maze
  • Mortar Mayhem
  • Mystery Maze
  • Rockin Rhythm
  • Rotor Race
  • Rusty Racers
  • Sandy Search
  • Searing Spotlights
  • Sidestep Slope
  • Slippery Sprint
  • Snowy Spin
  • Sorcerers Sprint
  • Speedy Sabers
  • Spooky Spikes
  • Strategic Shockwave
  • Swift Shooters
  • Temporal Trails
  • Thunderous Trench
  • Traffic Theft
  • Tunneling Tanks
  • Word Wars
  • Sharky Swim
  • Motor Murder

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