Psychonauts 2 – The Best Psitanium Farming Method Guide (Achievements)

This shows the best psitanium farming method guide (achievements) for Psychonauts 2.

The Best Psitanium Farming Method Guide (Achievements)

A method I used to get a bunch of Psitanium and the Nest Egg achievement.

Pre-Method Requirements

  • Mental Connection Ability.
  • Complete Hollis’ Hot Streak.
  • 200 Psitanium.

Step 1

  • Buy the Pin, Mental Tax, and equip it.

Step 2

  • Enter Hollis’ Hot Streak and go to the Pharmacy: Back Room.

Step 3

  • Start using the Mental Connection on the thought clouds that are the closest to Raz.

*Note: You might not get Psitanium as soon as you start connecting with the clouds(due to how the Mental Tax pin works), but you’ll get some eventually.

  • Along the path you’ll come across this blockade that you’ll have to PSI Blast away.

  • At the end of the path, your going to turn around and start going back to the first thought cloud.

  • Continue going back and forth on the thought cloud path and you’ll start farming some Psitanium!

Step 4

  • This process will take a lot of time, especially if you’re trying to get the Nest Egg achievement, so unless you a lot of patience, keep yourself occupied with some music, a podcast, etc.


Eventually, you’ll get the amount of Psitanium you need or get the Nest Egg achievement from maxing out your wallet.

by Merpo

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