Psychonauts 2 – How to Change Raz’s Outfits or Clothing

A guide on how to change Raz’s outfits in Psychonauts 2.

How to Change Raz’s Outifts

This guide will teach you how to change outfits in Psychonauts 2.

What to Do?

In order to change Raz’s outfit one must finish the optional Scavenger Hunt Side-Quest.

This mission is given early on in the game by Norma and is pretty much impossible to miss.

There are other ‘Steam Guides’ to help you locate all scavenger hunt items.

In order to get every single scavenger item, one must get to the end of the game.

How Do I Change?

Now! Hopefully, you have completed the game and the scavenger item side-quest.

Make sure to turn the side-quest in with Norma. She will be standing next to Lizzie by ‘The Classroom’.

After that, a cut-scene shall play and you will be given your original clothes.

Now make your way back to the atrium and head into the ‘Noodle Bowl’.

Directly to your ‘right’ from entering the ‘Noodle Bowl’ there will be a Restroom, activate this door to prompt Raz to change his clothing.

Congrats! Now you can change into the multiple outfits Raz has acquired through his journey, as well as his original clothing.

by Dunnionringz

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