Prison Simulator – Morgue Keypad Code

This shows the morgue keypad code in Prison Simulator.

Prison Simulator

  • Experience life in prison in the comfort of your own home. Without any real-life consequences!
  • As a prison guard, your job is to maintain order behind the prison walls. But on the other hand – you’re in charge here. So who the hell is gonna tell you what to do? Are you gonna be the role model CO or a total a-hole? It’s up to you, dude.
  • Simulate the hell of a prisons guard’s life. Look for contraband (you don’t want to know where…), gun maintenance, or shoot some hoops during your break. Not enough? My dude, there’s so much more!
  • Check out our reeeeeally cool prisoner creator. But guys, please – no celebrities or politicians, okay?
  • Experience the thrilling prison story (missing your fav prison TV shows? We’ve got you covered)
  • This game is really fun for streaming on Twitch/Youtube. Srsly – give it a go if you’re into that kind of thing.

Morgue Keypad Code

The keypads’ keys are designed in a specific way- only one key is completely erased so the key is 1111.

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