Prison Simulator – How to Defuse a Bomb (Grand Finale Quest)

A guide on how to defuse a bomb (Grand Finale Quest with locations) in Prison Simulator.

Can’t figure out how to defuse a bomb in Prison Simulator? This is the guide for you! Also includes all 3 locations of bombs in the “Grande Finale” quest.

Grand Finale Quest

Bomb Puzzles

The bomb has many interactable components, but the ones that matter are the square area to the left of the on/off switch and the rectangle area underneath the dynamite sticks.

How to Defuse a Bomb (Grand Finale Quest)

Each area will randomly spawn one of 8 unique puzzles

To defuse the bomb, you must flip the on/off switch before the timer runs out. Removing the batteries will only make the timer go faster.

The switch will only activate if you first solve the lower “square” riddle, then the top “rectangle” riddle

Square Puzzles:

Switching lights

The objective of this puzzle is to turn on all the lights at once. Clicking on any of the buttons changes the state of it’s neighbours to the opposide.

  • Press the “Reset” button, then all the buttons in the corners

There is a hint above the digital display. The shape of the red lines corresponds to the grid between the numrical buttons. Look for numbers framed by the same shape as in the hint.

  • 1835

Slide Blocks

Position the blue blocks so that there is a clear straight path from the key to the keyhole, then click the key. You may only move each block once, but you can press “reset” to revert all your moves anytime

Flower Puzzle

This puzzle consists of a scrambled image, that you need to put back together. You can swap the position of each tile with it’s neighbour by clicking on it first, and then the field you wish to place it in. The final result will look like a flower. Start by finding the center of the flower, then move it to it’s right position. Then the top left corner, top, top right etc. Eventually all pieces should fit together

Rectangle Puzzles

Rotating Wires

The objective of this puzzle is to create a path beween “A” and “B” from the red wires by rotating the cube modules.


Select an icon on left and then the one on the right that represents it’s opposite

  • down arrow – up arrow
  • water drop – flame
  • sun – moon

Memory Test

Press the green “play” button to start a sequence of lights. Your task is to repeat the sequence in the exact same order. The symbols underneath the lights are there to help you memorize the sequence.

Rotating Rings

Rotate the metal rings until the symbols align with the image and arrow at the center of each wheel.

Grand Finale bomb locations

At some point in the plot you’ll need to diffuse 3 bombs hidden in 3 seperate locations. You can locate them by folowing the beeping noise (the louder it gets, the closer you are).


In the storage room – on the floor next to the gas cylinders


Between the trash bins to the left of the entrance


Leaning against a white cabinet, to the right of the entrance


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