PowerWash Simulator – How to Find “Clean the Mars Rover”

A guide on how to find hatch on”clean the mars rover” in PowerWash Simulator.

PowerWash Simulator

Wash away your worries with the soothing sounds of high-pressure water. Fire up your power washer and blast away every speck of dirt and grime you can find. Build your own power-washing business and unlock new tools, upgrades and more – all with the simple satisfaction of power-washing to a sparkling finish. 

How to Find “Clean the Mars Rover”

It’s not a part of the rover itself. It’s a hatch on the ground. Run around the perimeter of the area and you should find it. It’s a big metal structure.

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  1. LOL, I have searched nearly every inch of this stupid planet….I can’t find the hatch you said was there….so frustrating – more help please😣😣

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