Potion Craft – Ultimate Potion Guide (Tiers 1 to 3)

The ultimate guide for tiers 1 to 3 (Potion Craft).

Tiers 1 to 3

Tier One Potions

Healing Potion – One Waterbloom, One Weirdshroom

“Grind up one Waterbloom and mix, then half-grind a Weirdshroom. Add to the concoction and stir. Finish with a small addition of water then boil.”

Poisoning Potion – One Red Mushroom, One Terraria

“Grind up one sprig of Terraria and add, then grind a red mushroom slightly more than halfway before adding. Stir and add water as necessary, then bring to the boil.”

Fire Potion – Two Fire Root

“Grind up one fire root to the upper-left quadrant of the curve and add, then repeat. Stir and add water as necessary, then boil.”

Frost Potion – One Terraria, Two Tangleweed

“Add one unground Terraria and mix, then grind and add one Tangleweed. Very lightly grind the second Tangleweed and add to the mix, then add a small portion of water before bringing to the boil.”

Light Potion – Two Sulphur Shelf

“Grind both and add, mix and add water accordingly, then boil. Plentiful room for error.”

Notes: Simple and easy-to-make remedies, try to find better way to produce healing potions.

Tier Two Potions

Mana Potion – Two Witch Mushroom

“Grind and add both, stir and add water as necessary then boil.”

Lightning Potion – One Witch Mushroom, Two Windbloom, One Firebell

“Grind and add the Witch Mushroom and stir, then grind and add one Windbloom then mix. Pump the bellows gently to twist the whirlpool and move the potion to the top of the spiral. Grind and add the Sulphur Shelf, add water as needed and boil.”

Explosion Potion – One Red Mushroom, Two Windbloom, One Sulphur Shelf

“Grind and add the Red Mushroom then the same for both of the Windbloom. Pump the bellows repeatedly to centralise the potion in the whirlpool then add a ground Sulphur Shelf, adding water as necessary before boiling.”

Fast Growth Potion – Three Terraria, One Waterbloom, One Lavaroot

“In sequence grind and add one Terraria, one Waterbloom (grind slightly), then two more ground Terraria. Mix in one unground Lavaroot, add water as needed and boil.”

Sleep Potion – Two Marshroom, Three Waterbloom

“Grind and add both Marshrooms, then two ground Waterblooms. Add the third unground and carefully manage water levels for perfect alignment, then boil.

Notes: Could use Earth Pyrite for Fast Growth or Cloud Crystal for Lightning, need to talk to Dwarf about cheaper crystals.

Tier Three Potions

Magical Vision Potion – Two Windbloom, Two Waterbloom, One Tangleweed

“Grind and add one Windbloom, then one Waterbloom followed by the Tangleweed. Grind the second Waterbloom most of the way then add before mixing in the final Windbloom, unground, and adding water, then boil.”

Bounce Potion – 1 Witch Mushroom, 3 Thunder Thistle

“Grind one Witch Mushroom fully and add, then add two fully-ground Thunder Thistle and mix. Grind the final Thunder Thistle partially and add, then boil. Extra water should not be needed.”

Charm Potion – Three Sulphur Shelf, Two Windbloom, one Cloud Crystal

“Grind and add two Sulphur Shelf, then one Windbloom. Grind the second most of the way and add, then powderize the Cloud Crystal and add, mixing well. Grind the final Sulphur Shelf most of the way and add, then mix and carefully add water, then boil.”

Acid Potion – Two Thornstick, Two Lava Root, Two Terraria, One Weirdshroom

“Grind one Thornstick partially and add, then mostly grind one Lava Root and add. Partially grind the second Thornstick and add, before grinding and adding one Terraria. Throw in one unground Weirdshroom, followed by another partially-ground Lava Root. Finish by fully grinding and adding the final Terraria, adding water as you mix, then boil.”

Berserker Potion – One Red Mushroom, Three Windbloom, One Lava Root, One Fire Citrine, One Firebell

“Grind and add in sequence one Windbloom, one Red Mushroom, one more Windbloom, one Lava Root, another Windbloom, one Fire Citrine, then finished with one Firebell. Add water as necessary and boil.”

by Kaii

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