Population Zero – How to Play Online (with Friend)

A guide on how to play with a friend Population Zero?

How to Play Online (with Friend)?

To join your friend in a session:
  • Open your friend list on Steam
  • Right-click your friend, who’s playing Population Zero
  • Press ‘Join game’
To invite your friend to a session:
  • Launch Population Zero
  • Join a session
  • Press Shift+Tab
  • Open your friend list
  • Right click a friend you want to invite
  • Choose “invite to lobby” command
  • Your friend will receive an invitation. All that’s left for him is to press play.

You can enjoy the game in groups of 2, 3 and more people. It’s up to you, how many friends you invite to your session. We are currently working on improving your experience with the game, as well as in-game party feature.

by Lobiol

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