Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Traffic Stop Guide (Checking)

This shows traffic stops guide (checking, signs, and more) for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

Checking Guide

Stopping Vehicles

Press TAB to select your stop sign. Right click and aim at the car then left click. Make sure you are in the traffic stop area.

Vehicle and ID’s

First thing to do when you stop a car:

  • Tell them that you detain them for the reason traffic stops.
  • Check the plate numbers for expiry (ticket them if applicable).
  • Check the insurance (Do not ticket if fake insurance / ticket if expired or not available).
  • Check the id and make sure same person (Do not ticket if fake id / ticket if expired).
  • Conduct drug test.
  • Frisk if they show sign of suspicious.

Search person if:

  • DUI.
  • Show signs of dui (red eyes / smells / etc).
  • Carry weapon when frisked (frisk only when justified).
  • Run when frisked.

Arrest if:

  • DUI (currently bug).
  • Carrying Illegal items.
  • Fake documents.

by How To Troll -Episode 1 

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