Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Tips for Driving, Ticketing, and More

These tips help you on driving, ticketing, and more in Police Simulator Patrol Officers.

Tips for Driving, Ticketing, and More


  • You have to unlock all the neighborhoods to unlock the car: the first district is divided in 4-5 neighborhoods. Once you unlock all the neighborhoods, the next unlock will be the patrol car.
  • The vehicle can cross your unlocked areas about 2-3 times on a morning shift (8-4) while trying to walk that same area would be lucky to get 1 done (as long as you have CP to waste).
  • Currently you can indeed using WASD or the Xbox controller for input but you can change the button layout in the menu. Using the mouse or stick you can look around inside or outside the car.


  • If the cars are driving you can stop them and issue them ticket for cracked windshield.
  • For parked car with broken winshield you can’t summon as per.
  • More about ticketing read here.

How to find the speed limit for roads

  • Most roads are 25 unless marked as 35.

How to use the camera

  • Select the camera to hold Tab.

Can’t hear ppl talk

  • Verify the game files, devs added the voices so perhaps you’re missing those files.

Edit Save Game

  • About save files and edit your savegame read those guides: Edit and Location

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