Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Patrol Cars Guide

This guide helps you on patrol cars in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

Patrol Cars Guide


Patrol officers are assigned patrol cars on a car patrol shift, but not on a foot patrol shift. Patrol officers who are new in their career will be assigned to foot patrols in the beginning. However, car patrol shifts and different patrol cars can be unlocked during the officer’s career

Officers are advised to familiarize themselves with the following patrol car functionalities:

  • Pacing: When driving behind another motor vehicle on the street, that vehicle’s speed will be automatically measured. Speeders can be pulled over.
  • Pulling out: Motor vehicles driving in front of the patrol car can be pulled out. Patrol cars have a special mode for pulling out (Keyboard: R; gamepad: Y).
  • Emergency Light System (ELS): The ELS can be toggled on and off to signal police presence or possible danger to citizens (Keyboard: 1; gamepad: X).
  • Siren: Can be toggled on and off to alert traffic participants an officer’s need for the right of way on the road (Keyboard: 2; gamepad: B). While the siren is on, activating the horn changes the siren (Keyboard: 3; gamepad: Press L3).
  • Cruise control: The car patrol’s speed maintains the current speed when activating the cruise control (Keyboard: Shift; gamepad: LB).
  • Police computer: While standing, the driver can access the police computer’s applications: Map, background checks, handbook (Keyboard: M; gamepad: View button).
  • Toggle view: Toggle between first/third person view (Keyboard: V; gamepad: Press R3)

More functionalities can be found in the game options.

All patrol officers are obligated to prevent damage on their patrol cars. While minor damages don’t inflict with an officer’s shift, medium damages will end the shift and major damages will even lead to an immediately lost shift.

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