Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – How to Lose a Shift

A guide on how to lose a shift in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

How to Lose a Shift

Losing A Shift


In certain situations, the officer’s shift ends immediately and before the shift could be finished by going back to the precinct. In those cases, the shift counts as a “lost game” and will have to be repeated. A shift can be lost by:

  • Being fired: The officer loses all conduct points by disobeying the code of conduct and/or laws
  • Being arrested: Committing a serious crime gets the patrol officer arrested. For example when unlawfully shooting at citizens or cars or overrunning pedestrians.
  • Being seriously injured: When the patrol officer is getting injured, for example being overrun by a motor vehicle.
  • Causing a major accident: The patrol officer crashed into other motor vehicles, causing a major accident.
  • Breaking the patrol car: The officer damages the patrol car in a degree that it’s broken, for example by driving into houses, lanterns or other objects

Consequences of losing a shift are:

  • The officer doesn’t receive any District XP and/or Duty Stars. All progress of the lost shift is lost.
  • The game time will be set back to before the shift, so that the shift will have to be repeated.


When a suspect flees and a patrol officer aims with their ranged stun gun at them, the suspect might surrender and raise their arms. In that case, shooting is not allowed anymore!

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