Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Conduct Points and Duty Stars Guide

This shows conduct points and duty stars guide for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

Conduct Points and Duty Stars Guide

Conduct Points


Patrol officers have a code of conduct and laws they are bound to. When they break those, they will suffer consequences.

Each patrol officer’s shift starts with 100 conduct points. Whenever the officer is breaking a law, conduct points are subtracted. Once zero conduct points are reached, the officer is fired. The game will be reset to before the shift and the player will have to repeat the shift. All shift points gathered during the shift in question are lost and no progress will be made.

Some unlawful actions are more severe than others. For example, speeding will subduct just a few conduct points at once. However, unjustified shooting at somebody will subtract all 100 conduct points at once and the officer will be fired right away.

At the end of a shift, police officers with less than 100 conduct points will be punished for the lost conduct points, by reducing the shift points which are converted to the career’s progress. For example: When a player has 80 out of 100 conduct points left at the end of a shift, only 80% of the gathered shift points will be converted to experience points.

The following actions will be punished:

  • Traffic violations by driving: Speeding, ignoring stop signs or red lights, using the emergency lights or siren without reason.
  • Traffic violations on foot: Jaywalking, ignoring a red light.
  • Unjustified encounters and instructions: Aiming or shooting with a weapon, arresting, searching, frisking, detaining, pulling over, demanding ID, ordering drug/alcohol tests.
  • Reasons for losing a shift: Police brutality (unjustified shooting citizens or cars), overrunning pedestrians, serious injury of the officer, causing a major accident, breaking the patrol car.

Duty Stars


Duty Stars are earned by reaching a certain amount of District XP. They are needed to unlock new tools, features, police cars, neighborhoods and city districts. In the shift selection map, you can see how many Duty Stars you have, and what will be unlocked with a certain amount.

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