Phoenix Point: Year One Edition – How to Rep up Quickly

A guide on how to rep up quickly in Phoenix Point: Year One Edition.

How to Rep up Quickly

There’s 3 main ways you can gain faction rep:

Save havens from attack by the Pandorans, the Pure and the Foreskin. (that’s not a typo; they ugly mothers)

Destroy the bases of the Pandorans. (you get 5 for each faction for a level 1, 10 for a level 2 and 15 for a level 3)

Do missions from the diplomacy tab where you attack the factions for the other factions. (Not recommended)

The OTHER way to gain faction rep, which you’ll mostly do in the early game, is adopting their politics when making choices.

Anu like religious freedom, destroying the old world, and preserving weird ♥♥♥♥.

NJ like people who don’t disagree with them, destroying weird ♥♥♥♥, and preserving the old world.

‘Ned like communism, humanity (in the touchy feely sense, not the two arms, two legs, not a mutant sense) and scientific debate.

You can gain small point gains for each faction by making choices they agree with, and doing so is a good way to make it to first base. Bond over shared interests, like any new relationship. Once you’ve got the havens found, though, the main source of point gains is method one. Savin’ Hav’ns is good for trade, good for rep, lets you find enemy bases to destroy for even MORE rep, and comes with very few inherent downsides.

Attacking havens is bad for rep for the faction that you are attacking, and often a lot more dangerous. Yes, it’s slower to go without, but you’ve got plenty of time to win the campain. I often make it to the final mission with about 55% of the doomsday clock left, and that’s on Hero difficulty. Take it slow and steady, and always put rep above resources, where you can.

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