Phasmophobia – Where to Hide in Hunting Phase, All Evidence Photographs, and More

This guide will help you on where to hide in the hunting phase, all evidence photographs, and more in Phasmophobia.

Where to hide in Hunting Phase

When the Lights start, flickering (INCLUDING YOUR FLASHLIGHT). That means the ghost is hunting around. You have around 5 second head start, if you already don’t know. quickly find a Closets, lockers, bathrooms, REMEMBER CAN HEAR YOU THROUGH YOUR MIC. and Hide in there. Place a crucfix by it if anyone has it. or you can hold it worked me once. just wait in there until the lights stop flickering. They will hunt when the Activity monitor is peaked at a 10, if you don’t know.Ghost Orb AppearenceIf you don’t know what a ghost Orb looks like, It looks like a little firefly flying around. Look at your CCTV and there will be a chance when it appears. Ensure the light are off, best seen in Night Vision.

All Evidence Photographs

  1. Bones on the Ground
  2. Fingerprints on doors/LIght Switches.
  3. Dirty water in sinks.
  4. The EMF reader spiking.
  5. Writing in the ghost book.
    If there are any Objectives that state that.

Wraiths with Salt

No Footsteps with them because they fly.
But Toxicates them if they fly over it.

Fun Fact

You can score the Hoop with Spray Cans, in the Lobby.


You can hold, 4 items in vr, only 3 in Non-Vr.

by Kauds

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