Phasmophobia – Where to Find Pictures in-game and What is Misconceptions (Tips)

A guide on where to find pictures in game and what is misconceptions (tips) in Phasmophobia.

Where to Find Pictures in the Game

If you ever wondered where are the pictures that you took in game, i have good news.
They are in your steam game location.

Open steam: Go to your game> Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

You will find your pictures there! (*Only the first 6 that save on your garage wall)

By NapiCat _ ☺

Common Misconceptions

This section is a list of information people get wrong about the game:

  • The appearance of the Ghost does not say what type of Ghost it is
  • If you complete the Thermometer objective it doesn’t mean one piece of evidence is freezing temperatures
  • Ghost orbs cannot be seen without a video camera
  • Crucifix only work on the ground
  • EMF Level 5 cannot be tracked by the EMF in The Van
  • You don’t need to turn on the sink yourself to trigger the dirty water event
  • Ghosts cannot be tracked using salt during the Hunt
  • Footsteps do NOT count as a fingerprint evidence

This section will grow with suggestions in the comments, so if you know something that many people get wrong about the game I will be adding the information

Tips and Tricks

  • To activate the Flashlight while holding another item you just need to press “T” when not holding the Flashlight, but you still need it in your inventory
  • Before taking Ghost Writing Books and Spirit Boxes inside the location try sweeping it with EMF Readers, Thermometers, and Parabolic Microphones and finding the ghost’s room
  • Taking Pictures of The Ghost, Glowing Ouija Boards, Dirty sink, Bones, Voodoo Dolls, Ghost Writing, Fingerprints, Footprints, etc…
  • To light a Smudge Stick first light up the lighter, then switch to the Smudge Sticks and press “F”
  • Some Ghost will become more active when angered and will give more clues, the easiest way to anger a Ghost is to say its name (the name is written on the whiteboard)
  • Always plan an escape in case of a Hunt starting
  • Turn the light off to better spot Ghost Orbs
  • Instead of hiding during a Hunt, it is possible to dodge the Ghost running around a table
  • In The Vans’s computer clicking on the mouse cycles the camera and on the keyboard to toggle night vision
  • A heartbeat means the Ghost is right on top of you
  • Don’t talk at all when hidden
  • Ghosts can write in the Ghost Writing Book while it is in your hand
  • Remember to always take the Key for the main door in The Van, and search for others inside the location
  • If too many lights are on inside the house at the same house the fuse will trip and all lights will turn off, go to the fuse to turn it on again

By BarrosCS

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  1. You are wrong about the crucifix. I have myself accomplished the crucifix objective several times while wielding it in my hands or on my belt (in VR) without ever dropping it on the ground.

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