Phasmophobia – Useful Tips for Hunting, Evidence, Orbs, and More

Useful tips for hunting, evidence, orbs, and more in Phasmophobia.

Useful Tips

Hunting Mode

Each ghost has a way to enter hunting mode, it is advisable to do the following steps for all ghosts:

  • Identify the ghost area as quickly as possible and place a crucifix
  • If it is put into hunting mode, have the incense nearby to clean near the ghost and thus slow down the ghost to be able to hide before
  • Always keep the flashlights on to realize that if they blink, a hunting phase has begun
  • Hide yourself in rooms or closets and keep quiet (remember that it has voice recognition and it will go where you are)
  • When passing the hunting mode, continue in silence and do not run, go to the exit but always taking into account where to hide in case another hunting phase returns.
  • Never go to the exit while the hunting phase is in progress, as the door is locked and you will not be able to leave
  • Keep in mind that you will only have 8 seconds to hide


Here I will explain a little more about the evidence and give a couple more tips.

  • EMF level 5
    It should never be confused with the Total EMF Activity, this is only measured with the EMF measuring object (look carefully if it actually reaches 5, since many times it reaches 4 and it is believed that it marks 5 and will give much confusion later)
  • Spirit Box They do
    Not usually answer the first, and neither to all the questions, repeat each question several times and alternate with others, in case of not having voice recognition do not worry, since it will end up answering by itself (patience is key in this game). To know if it detects the questions you just have to see that a message of “Nothing detected” or “Nothing Detected” appears, this does not mean that it does not detect your voice, quite the opposite.
  • Orb
    It is very difficult to detect, you have to focus very well on a room so that it can be seen, and I mean the whole room, from the ceiling to the floor, the corners and everything. They are small lights that float, appear and disappear, sometimes appearing once and then not seen again for a long time. At other times it can be easy to perceive, and it can even appear while a ghost is in hunting mode going for you, so you must take that into account and place it in the most common places of the ghost (remember that it can change places )
  • Temperature -0ºC
    It can be detected with or without a thermometer, but if you don’t have one, you should pay close attention to your mist / breath or that of your colleagues.
  • Written
    book The book can be written anywhere as long as it is in range of the ghost, either where it passes or in its specific area, there are several things it can write, from pictures to words or phrases
  • Fingerprints
    They are difficult to see, but they can be doors, windows, switches and cabinets. If you are completely in the dark they will be seen much better with the UV flashlight, if you are the one who will go to see the prints, take a good look at the map do not leave any window for small whatever or some switch (the footprints on switches are somewhat more difficult to see because they are smaller)


Another way to detect areas with sub-zero temperatures is to see the mist / breath of your character or that of your companions.

Sometimes the change in temperature will not be noticed, to do this, wait a while and ask questions such as: “Where are you?”, In this way and with patience, the temperature will gradually drop more and more where the temperature is located. ghost.

Sometimes to detect the temperature -0ºC you will have to annoy the ghost or wait, many times if it reaches 3ºC it is usually that it may drop even more, just be patient.

If you do not have proof from the beginning, you may have to anger the ghost enough to write in the book, give you EMF or to speak to you through the spirit box

When you are in the dark the ghost can perceive you

If you stay in illuminated areas for a long time, the ghost can also come after you.

Running is not always good.

Be careful with the professional difficulty, ghosts are 10 times more aggressive.

Never trust 100% how the ghost acts, focus more on the evidence

Wait to use the ouija and the name of the ghost for much later (unless you have suicidal behaviors XD)

I highly recommend buying the thermometer from the beginning

Remember to see In what language do you have voice recognition within the game options, since if you have it in English, it will not understand your questions in Spanish and vice versa (you can have the game with the interface in a language other than voice recognition)

When starting the game, this order should be followed:

  • Placement of sensors if the place is small
  • First check all areas with EMF and thermometers
  • Asking simple things like “where are you?” or signal (if the lights are flashing it means you will be very close to that area)
  • While wondering use a mic. parabolic to know where the sound is coming from (very useful for large maps)
  • Fingerprints sometimes don’t show up until after a few hunting phases or after a lot of activity
  • Many times the book will not be written the first time, you must be sure that it is in the right place and like the footprints, wait until it is very active (this is not always the case)
  • The ghosts also focus on those who interact with them the most, this is thanks to voice recognition, be careful what you say and do not talk too much inside the place
  • Analyze well the map of the place to place well where the doors and the generator are
  • That the walkie talkie rings I don’t think anything happens, but if a colleague talks from outside … it seems to me that he detects how someone is talking and will go near where he is hearing talk (this is not verified or verified, but I have my suspicions that it may be so, although it is only a guess of mine)

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