Phasmophobia – Tools Guide (Thermometer, Infrared Sensor, Tripod, Pills, and More)

This tools guide (thermometer, infrared sensor, tripod, pills, and more) in Phasmophobia.

Tools Guide


The best item for finding haunted houses at present. The temperature will decrease where ghosts appear or pass by. The current game room temperature can be 14-20 degrees Celsius depending on the map. The temperature below 13 generally means that the ghost has passed nearby. The vicinity of ordinary ghosts will be around 5 to 10 degrees, and cold and warm ghosts will be below 3 degrees or even -10 degrees.

Emf Reader

It can detect the activity intensity of ghosts near the machine, and it has readings like ghosts that are not EMF5. A beep will be heard when it is sensed. You can also open it and throw it on the ground, and look down at the reading when it rings.

Psychic Box Right-click to open, which is equivalent to a radio that can receive ghost channels. This is the most problematic instrument to use. Some ghosts can speak clearly and do not answer a hundred questions. First of all, remember to turn off the light and ask, and only ask one question each time you press the key, then release the key. Ask the next one after seeing the psychic box showing that it is not detected.


Ordinary flashlight, the source of security in the event of a power failure. When you have money to buy extra money, you can turn on the throwing ground to strengthen the lighting/instruct the road. The light of the flashlight is not a light source, so it does not affect the conditions of the spirit box and cannot prevent the player’s sanity value from decreasing.

Ultraviolet Flashlight

It is used to check fingerprints or footprints. When I was poor, I used it as a flashlight. If the ghost plays with the light or opens the door, you can take a UV flashlight to see if there are fingerprints or fingerprints.

Book Of Ghosts

Some ghosts can write and draw, and they can write when they place the book in a place where they often haunt. It is also possible to write hello while you are carrying it.


– A money-making tool, but only five photos per frame. You can earn rewards by taking pictures of ghosts, fingerprints, bones, dirty water in pools, footprints, interactions between ghosts and map facilities. Please see the photo reward for specific explanation.


A quest item that can prevent the ghost from entering the hunting mode in the current room (even if it is placed in the haunted house, if the ghost enters the hunting mode and kills you when it wanders outside the door, the cross cannot stop it). The effect of a cross is only twice. You can throw it on the ground and hold it in your hand. It has no effect on ghosts that have entered hunting mode, so don’t think this thing can protect you. One of my mentally disabled teammates calls Jesus to protect him every time he holds this thing, he is still cold. The actual test lost at the front door does not prevent ghosts from locking the door. For more explanation, please refer to Tips. Holy Wood -quest props that can purify the room where ghosts are. The effect is to allow ghosts to avoid the area for a period of time, and it may also cause ghosts to not write in the area, communicate, or open and close doors.

Strong Light Flashlight

A flashlight bought when you have money, the range of light is larger than ordinary ones, and it feels safe++.


Light a candle to light a magic stick. After carrying a lighter, switch to the item you want to ignite and click the F (secondary use) button to ignite it.


Lit as a light source can maintain the player’s sanity value. You can buy it or you can find it in the map, looking through the drawer or something. You can also use a lighted candle as a lighter.


Currently not a necessary equipment, the official said that the salt-related content will be updated in the future. Sprinkling salt on the ground can tell whether the ghost has passed by, and the salt will sink when stepped on by the ghost. At this time, you can see the ghost’s footprints with ultraviolet light, only a few seconds. A bottle of salt can be sprinkled three times, each time a small lump. Undead will step on salt but will not leave footprints.


It can be used to look at the spiritual orb or observe a certain area, use your brain to find an angle, and you can also observe various instruments, such as whether the sensor is flashing, whether there are words in the book, etc. Generally, after you find the haunted house, you must set up at least one, and then use the night mode on the truck to see if there is any spiritual ball. You can also use it to see the lights flashing and your teammates are running away.


Used to mount the camera, hold the camera in front of it and press F to mount it, and then you can pick up the tripod with your bare hands.

Motion Sensor

It can be installed on the wall. The red light will change to green when something passes in front of it. People pass by. It can be observed with the camera. There is a task to use this to detect ghost passing. After installation, it will be displayed on the map in the truck, and there will be prompts when something passes.

Sound Sensor

It is installed on the wall, it can detect the sound in a large range, not human voice. The data will be displayed in the upper right corner of the truck blackboard area. Currently not very useful.

Xingnao Pills

It can restore sanity, considering it is a one-time product or quite expensive, it is necessary to make a big picture. It is about 40% of the sanity value once.

Infrared Sensor

It is similar to a motion sensor; it can also detect people. Installed on the wall, it is usually dark, and will glow when something passes by.


It is a portable sound sensor. It can detect sounds within a range of the current direction, can pass through walls, and does not detect humans. There are errors in personal measurement, which is not very useful.

Glow Stick

It can check fingerprints and footprints, or as a mark. I like to throw it on the way to the switch, so that when the power goes out, the switch can be found quickly.

Head-Mounted Camera

It is mainly used to please the boss (see Tips), sitting in the truck and watching the live broadcast of his teammates and hell is great!

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