Phasmophobia – Tips for Lighter, Candle, Salt, Crucifix, and More

It is a guide to tips for lighter, candle, salt, crucifix, and more in Phasmophobia.

Useful Tips & Tricks

The Ghost Writing Book

The Ghost Writing book is rather straight forward. Place it in the Ghost’s room and wait to see if you get anything. That’s about it, nothing else special to this item. Might be worth buying a second one to speed up the process.

The EMF Reader

In my opinion this is the most important gear you have. You will use it at the start of a game to track down the ghost, and later in the game if you have a few extra’s purchased (Which I highly suggest) you can even use them to track the ghost’s movement around the location. The reader has 5 levels. When you’re near a spirit, the reader will begin to beep, as well as display a number of lights. If all 5 lights are on, you have another piece of evidence!

The Flashlight

This is your savior. In VR, you can place an activated flashlight on your hip and it will still function. Get creative with this, lay it on railings or tables and illuminate an area hands free!

The Spirit Box

My least favorite item by far. I hate this thing. Truly. First off, it seems to be a bit picky on if it will work or not. Pay attention to the whiteboard and see if the spirit responds to everyone, or people alone. Pray it’s everyone. You will need to turn on the spirit box in the Ghost’s room, with the lights out. Begin asking questions such as “where are you” or “how old are you”. I usually give it about a minute, and if I get no response I’ll just toss it on the ground while it is still on and not worry too much about it.

The UV Flashlight/Glowstick

The UV flashlight can be used as an emergency flashlight if needed, but isn’t too terribly bright. It’s primary use is to shine on light switches, doors, and windows to see if you can spot a handprint. If you see it, check off fingerprints in the journal as evidence!

I’ll also include the Glowstick in this section, as it serves the same purpose. It will detect fingerprints nearby (you have to have it VERY close). Once activated, it will last forever, and makes for good emergency lighting, or just drop it for a light source. Be creative!

Both of these items also reveal footprints. I honestly do not know much about foot prints, but is an easy way to track exactly where the ghost is and walking. They are temporary though and disappear after a bit.

The Smudge Stick

Use a lighter on smudge sticks inside the ghost room and you will halt it’s activity for a small amount of time. Or use it when you feel a little extra scared, and you’ll feel better!

The Candle

It’s a candle! Use a lighter on it to well…light it! Once lit, it will provide light in a small area, and can be used to light other candles or smudge sticks. Careful, the ghost can and will blow it out.

The Lighter

Another Essential item. You will need it to light candles and smudge sticks. Be careful when dropping or placing it, it can often times glitch out the physics and fly across the map!!

The Thermometer

This Item is used to detect the temperature of a room. A sudden drop in temperature indicates the ghost is nearby. Can be useful in determining the Ghost’s room, or tracking them as they move about, but not required for the Freezing temperatures evidence. Seeing your own breath is enough for that.

The Crucifix

The almighty Crucifix!!! Or…your downfall. This guy prevents the ghost from entering into it’s hunting mode. The catch, it must be near the ghost to function. If you’re holding one 2 rooms away, don’t expect it to work! To make the best use of it, drop it somewhere inside of the Ghost’s room. Since it stays in there 80% of the time, it will likely prevent a hunt. If you’re already being hunted, it’s too late, God can’t help you now. Hide. HIDE!

Also, though I have not tested this, you can apparently use the crucifix to shunt the front door open and prevent it from locking during a hunt. Try at your own risk!

Try not to rely on this item too much. Just don’t.

The Crucifix is used to prevent the Ghost from entering it’s hunting phase to attack you. Once the Ghost is in it’s hunting phase the only thing you can do is hide. You should find the Ghosts room and place the Crucifix inside it and it will stop most of the Ghosts hunting phases.

The Salt

Salt is used to track the movements of the ghost. You will see a footprint appear in the salt as a ghost move’s past it. This is useful to see the outerbounds of where the ghost is roaming to, or to help confirm what room it is in. It also is useful against wraiths, who cannot be tracked via footprints.

Tips and Tricks

This will be a slightly unorganized section where I throw things in as I think of them.

1. Be smart with camera placement. You can gather up to 4 pieces of evidence from the truck with a single camera! Place the camera in the ghost room. Try to place it facing a door. Use a UV light or a glowstick to illuminate the door so you can see fingerprints. Next to the door, lean an EMF reader and a ghost writing book up against the wall. This will allow you to see, all from one camera, fingerprints, EMF reading, ghost writing, and ghost orbs. I have not tested it yet, but you may even be able to drop an activated thermometer in front of the camera and get a reading for freezing temperatures. Just be creative!

2. Lay salt in doorways, not in hallways.

3. Prep your items next to the locations door for quicker access.

4. EMF readers can be used as an alternative method to tracking the ghost. If you have several, you can lay them on the floor much like salt. When it beeps, you know the ghost is there.

5. Candles and flashlights do not count as light sources for things such as the Spirit Box, Mare, Jinn, or cameras***.

6. I would avoid tripods if you are playing mouse and keyboard. You cannot place them nearly as accurately or as well as you can in VR. Which leads me into number…

7. This game is best experienced in VR. I play in VR 95% of the time, for more reasons than just the scare factor alone (the game is scary by itself, 1000x moreso in VR.) In VR, you are able to hold 4 items vs 3 (2 on your belt, and 2 in your hands). In VR, you can more easily manipulate objects to lean them how you’d like, or place candles and other items more precisely. Lighting things with the lighter is also 10x easier in VR.

By DaAinGame

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  1. Looks like in the 24set update salt is no longer useful for tracking wraiths

    * Wraiths will no longer walk on Salt during their hunting phase to help with some confusion.
    * Wraiths no longer leave footprints after walking in Salt. They now instead have a higher activity limit.

  2. You can turn on the flashlight while its on your belt in desktop mode too you just have to press T while holding something else.

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