Phasmophobia – How to Place the Camera on the Table and Jumpscare Guide

A guide on how to place the camera on the table and jumpscares (in Phasmophobia).

How to Place The Camera on the Table

  • Right-click turns the camera on
  • Left click rotates it
  • F sets it
  • If you have a tripod, you can set it on that and set the tripod up where ever you want

Jumpscare Guide

There are a different jumpscare for every ghost.

The moment you walk into the house, the atmosphere is set. The sounds, the lights, the shadows, and the feeling that it could be right next to you. Considering they can appear, whisper in your ear, slam doors, etc all very suddenly? I’d say this game has its own version of scares and they all work very well (Kashra Fall).

Jumpscares aren’t cheap because they are overused in movies/media… Jumpscares can work but they have to be earned, you have to have a slow build that ramps up the tension to the point to where you expect it but it never comes. To where you are locked in a deep state of “when” and the moment you let your guard down it comes out. Just because media overuses the “violin screech” or “thud ping” sound effect for every slight second doesn’t make the technique itself cheap, it has become cheap because it is overused for media (Ice).

Ice jumpscares are cheap not because of something being overused but because once you experience them then they stop affecting you which will ruin the experience, as people have pointed out the atmosphere for when you first step foot into a haunted place is more than enough to make you uneasy, having jumpscares would begin to ruin the atmosphere which is why some of the more powerful and dangerous ghosts are the only ones that can actually interact with objects in the environment to scare/attack you with, having a jumpscare happen when these occur will ruin the future encounters as the affect would be gone (Cursed Hawkins).

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