Phasmophobia – How to Make the Ghost as Angry

A guide on how to make the ghost as angry in Phasmophobia.

How to Make the Ghost as Angry

How to make the ghost as angry as possible, with just three words.

How to anger the ghost as much as possible

After consecutive tests, all results came conclusive that this term angers the ghost to the point where hunting periods will happen every few seconds. To prove this, we tested this on all different levels of difficulty, all different maps currently available, and even made new accounts to test this theory. As stated before, this occured every time without fail. I have attached below an image of some coding we found within the game files as well.

This term will guarantee a hunting phase within the next minute or so after saying the three words, and should bring up at least 2 signs of evidence after the hunting has finished (Be aware, the hunting can go on for up to 4 minutes, depending on the difficulty your playing at)

From the image of the coding, you can see that the term you should use in order to trigger this “mega-anger” event is “Are you skonked?” although we found that “Are you skunked” works in a similar way also. We hope you find good use of this term and hope you enjoy Phasmophobia. Happy ghost hunting!

by Get Vectored

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