Phasmophobia – How to Get All Photo Rewards

A guide on how to get all photo rewards in Phasmophobia.

Photo Rewards Guide

The current version of the game has 7 kinds of photo rewards, which can be obtained by taking photos with the camera. Team players share photo rewards.

If you don’t recognize it when taking pictures, you can try to take more pictures or change the angle.

In addition, the system will only recognize the camera within 5 meters of the target .

  • There is a chance that the album will have bugs.


It needs to be photographed when the ghost appears (the shadow of the ghost is sometimes counted).

In many cases, the angle is not good or it will not be recognized for unknown reasons.

Generally, a teammate should be ready to take pictures at any time when testing clues in the haunted house, because the ghost is likely to appear suddenly.

You can also try calling the ghost’s name in the haunted house + come out/show yourself, there is a chance that ghosts will appear. It should be noted that some ghosts don’t like to turn on the lights and some ghosts don’t like multiple people, plus whether the ghost responds to the player itself is a chance event.


Every house will have a ghost bone. You can look for the small pictures carefully, and let the big pictures follow.

You can pick up the bones after taking pictures.

Dirty Water

Dirty water may appear in the pool of the entire building (there will be a gurgling sound of water when it occurs). If there is a pool near the haunted house, you can try calling the ghost’s name by the pool or give us a signal/give me a sign. Similarly, whether the ghost responds to the player’s request is a chance event.


One of the five clues can only be photographed after encountering a ghost with fingerprints. You can see the fingerprint on the door or the fingerprint on the switch with a purple flashlight, just take a picture. The fingerprint on the window may not be recognized during actual measurement.


Not counted as clues. You need a purple flashlight or light stick to see it. Ghosts will leave footprints for a short time after stepping on the salt, and they can also be seen briefly when passing through places illuminated by purple light. Throwing a purple flashlight or light stick after sprinkling salt in the haunted house is likely to be seen nearby. Note that the dead have no footprints.


Ghosts can also take pictures for rewards when interacting with the facilities on the map. For example, the phone that rang, the door or switch that the ghost played with, and the decoration thrown out by the ghost in the room are all interactive.

Teammate Corpse

It added rewards for taking photos of teammates’ corpses~ It is reasonable to persuade teammates to dedicate themselves for the sake of justice.

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